Welcome to Root2Fruit

As the name suggests, this entity shall be used for all kinds of farming. We are going to undertake a composite farming project under the banner of this entity.

The focus of the farm will be on breeding of cow and dairy firming. To start with, the dairy firming will have a initial capacity of 100 numbers then it goes up to 500 numbers with in a short period of one year span. The aim of this Company is to promote this dairy product for each child of West Bengal through this modern dairy farm.

Pisciculture will also be undertaken in a pond measuring an acre. Various types of fish like Rohu, Katla etc. will be bred therein. It will cater to the demand of the local market.

Vegetable cultivation will be another important activity of the farm. Various seasonal vegetables will be grown throughout the year. Fodder cultivation will also be there for captive consumption of the cow.

In future, the Company has plans to go for duckery and other agricultural activities


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