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Vermi Compost

Vermi compost is an organic manure (bio-fertilizer) produced, as a vermicast, by earth worm feeding on biological waste material, i.e. plant residues. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic & enriches the soil with all nutrients & increases the soil quality and fertility. Vermi compost contains good amount of Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphate, and Organic Carbon which are very good food for plants.


Promotes faster growth of plants, and  increases crop yield.

Produces crops with a better taste, and lasting quality, without toxic residues.

Increases crop yield with less irrigation. Improves groundwater recharge & reduces groundwater depletion.

Reduces soil Stalinization and soil erosion.

Increases marketing of agricultural products with lower pesticide residues.

Lowers risk of crop loss due to pest attack

Nitrogen 0.8~1.2%
Phosphorus 0.3~0.6%
Potash 0.3~0.80%
Magnesium 1.3~2.5%
Manganese 500 to 700ppm
Zinc 400~500ppm
Iron 100 to 150 ppm
Copper 30~60ppm
PH 7.6
Colour Dark brown to black
Odour No foul odour
Particle 90% pass thro 4.00 sieve
Moisture 10 ~ 15%


Available in 50 Kg PP Bag

FOB at Kolkata Port  - USD 500 ~ 550 / Ton