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Our products:

Wet Brewer's Spent Grain
Wet brewer's Spent Grain is a very very useful, cheap and healthy cattle feed.
Wet Distiller's Grain
Distiller's Grains are a protein source in the ration replacing soybean meal or other protein supplements.
Fusel Oil
 Fusel oil is used as a solvent in the manufacture of certain lacquers and enamels.
Organic Manure
Organic Manure improves crop Production and yield along with soil health, fertility, structure.
Vermi Compost
Vermi compost is an organic manure produced, as a vermicast, by earth worm feeding on biological waste material, i.e. plant residues.
De-Oiled Cakes
De-oiled cakes which can be used in animal feed as well as fertilizers
Rice Husk Ash
RHA contains around 85 % - 90 % amorphous silica. The same can be used in Silica Extration Factory, Cement Factory, Metal parts manufacturing companies, Bricks making etc
Plastic Bottles
Injection molded, rigid plastic packaging for the cosmetics & healthcare industries.
Indian Spade (Iron)
Spades are used for a variety of tasks ranging from light work such as cultivating flowerbeds, through to strenuous jobs such as digging post holes